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Mascot of interactive relationship (Malaysia & Singapore)

We casually say “Hi!” to strangers; The starting point of an engaging interaction. A mascot is the interactive icon in connecting the bridge of Product and Consumer relationship.

About Hola


Hola Mascot is a leading fast-growing mascot manufacturer in Malaysia & Singapore. With more than 15 years of experience, we have experts and skillful team providing top quality products & the best services to customers. We take pride in creating unique mascots for each customer and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

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Our Specialisation

Hola Mascot provides 4 types of mascots: Inflatable, Inflatable with fur, Semi Inflate & Conventional Mascot. We believe every mascot is unique, and we ensure that each mascot design is completely original. Not sure which type? Talk to our expert and we can sort it out for you!

Customise mascot


Here at Hola Mascot, our team of friendly mascot craftsman are experts in everything about mascot and are happy to advice you about creating your very own mascot. Look nowhere else as we produce limitless types of high quality mascot from costumes to custom mascot, all under one roof.

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Mascot Building

Based on your requirement, event, and venue, we custom made the mascot of the different type of manufacturing method. Be it small carnivals to international events, Hola Mascot is the perfect addition to your event!

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Mascot Repair / Upgrade

Hola Mascot also provides an upgrade for old mascots. You can request for design, color and also body structure upgrade. Hola Mascot will give a fresh new look to your mascot.

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Mascot Cleaning

After an all-day event, you might want to clean your mascot and let the professional handle it! They will dry clean, brush and touch it up upon your needs and requests. Give the mascots a fresh good smell before next event!

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Mascot Accessories

Accessories is additional and crucial part for a mascot and it needs to be suit according to the celebration/ festival. We can help you with the suitable ones.

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Mascot Cases

Your mascot needs protection so that it can last longer. Therefore, casings, bags, and crates are important. Worry no more as our customize cases are sturdy and mobility ease for easy handling.

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Mascot Display

Sometimes mascot needs to be displayed for a corporate or brand identity purposes. Instead of keeping it away, you can exhibit it. Ask us more about it!

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